Prime Lending Rate

J Trust Bank

May 13th, 2022

(effective % per Annual)

Rupiah Prime Lending Rate

Credit Segment

Corporate Loan
10.55 %
Retail Loan
11.05 %
Micro Loan
26.00 %
Consumer Loan Mortgage
12.05 %
Consumer Loan Non-Mortgage
11.05 %

Notifications :

  • Prime Lending Rate is a base lending rate used by the Bank as a reference in determining lending rates for customers. Prime Lending Rate does not include credit risk faces by the Bank which depends on the Bank's risk assessment on each individual debtor or group debtors. Therefore, lending rate charged to customers can be different with The Prime Lending Rate.
  • The Prime Lending Rate for Non-Mortgage - Consumer Loan segment is a prime lending rate for customers of Non-Mortgage - Consumer Loan segment, excluding Non-Collateralized Consumer Loans and Credit Card.
  • Information of the current prime lending rate is also available at our branches and J Trust Bank website (
  • *) Corporate lending are loans for productive purposes with amount more than IDR 5 billion