Customer Complaint


As per Bank Indonesia (BI) Regulation, namely PBI No. 10/10/PBI/2008 dated February 28, 2008 regarding amendments to PBI No. 7/7/PBI/2005 concerning Settlement of Customer Complaints and Circular Letter of the Financial Services Authority (OJK), namely SE OJK No. 2/SEOJK 07/2014 dated February 14, 2014 concerning Service and Settlement of Consumer Complaints to Financial Services Businesses, Banks are required to inform the service mechanism and complaint resolution

The submission of this complaint settlement mechanism is one form of increasing customer protection in order to guarantee the rights of customers related to banks.

To get a complete picture of the procedure for submitting customer complaints, here are the things you need to know.

Parties Who Have the Right to Submit Complaints

All users of Jtrust Bank products and/or services have the right to file complaints. Complaints can be submitted directly by the customer or his/her representative. If a customer complaint is submitted by a customer representative, it must be accompanied by the following documents:
  1. Photocopy of proof of customer identity and customer representatives.
  2. Power of attorney from the customer to the customer's representative stating that the customer has authorized to act for and on behalf of the customer.
  3. If the customer's representative is an institution or legal entity, it must be accompanied by a document stating from the competent authority to represent the institution and/or legal entity.

Complaint Procedure

Written complaints, namely complaints submitted through written means/media such as letters sent to the Jtrust Bank office via facsimile or via email to

Type of Complaint

  • Transactional complaints, namely complaints that have an impact on financial losses.
  • Non-transactional complaints, namely complaints that do not have an impact on financial losses

Supporting Information and Documents

Completely submitting the identity of the customer, namely: name, address, account number (if any), telephone that can be contacted and a brief description of the complaint as well as attaching supporting documents, namely documents that are appropriate to the type of complaint or related to the problem being complained of, such as:
  • Photocopy (according to the original) valid proof of identity (mandatory)
  • Photocopy (according to the original) savings book / current account, or
  • Photocopy (according to the original) proof of financial transactions related to the problem complained of or
  • Photocopy (according to the original) other supporting documents
  • Power of Attorney from the Customer who is represented (additional document for customer representatives)

Complaint Resolution

The Bank will follow up on complaints submitted by customers and will be resolved within 20 (twenty) working days and can be extended for the next 20 (twenty) working days in the event of certain conditions. If the bank going to extend the period of complaint settlement, the bank will inform the customer in advance of this by taking into account the applicable provisions, before the first 20 (twenty) working days expires.

Things That Must be Considered

In order for the complaint to be resolved by the bank immediately, it is necessary to pay attention to the following matters:
  • Determine the essence of the problem to be complained of.
  • Prepare supporting documents related to the problem to be reported.
  • Safely keep the original documents that you have and submit to the bank a photocopy of the document together with the submission of a written complaint.
  • Take note of the registration number provided by the bank. The registration number is used to determine the status of the settlement of customer complaints.
  • Save the email as proof if the complaint is made via email
  • Safely keep correspondence documents with the bank, including the complaint settlement letter submitted by the bank to the customer.
  • Make sure the customer reads the terms and conditions that apply to each product and/or service that will be used by the customer. Complaint settlement services are free of charge.

Complaint Resolution Satisfaction

If the customer is not satisfied with the results of the settlement submitted by the bank, the customer can continue efforts to resolve the complaint through banking mediation or through other alternative dispute resolution.

Confidentiality of Customer Data

The Bank will maintain the confidentiality of customer data that will file a complaint against any party, except:
  • To the regulators (BI, OJK)
  • In order to resolve complaints
  • Required by law
  • With the customer's approval.

Customer complaints can be made via email to or to the J Trust Bank office.
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