Anti Fraud Declaration

As an initiative to strengthen the Bank’s internal control system, the implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG), and to implement the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 39/POJK/03/2019 dated 19th December 2019 regarding The Implementation of Anti-Fraud Strategy for Commercial Banks, management of PT Bank JTrust Indonesia,Tbk commits to implement the followings:

1. Conducting fair, honest, and open/transparent business practices;
2. Avoiding to engage in business practices with third-party entities who are not committed to Bank’s policy; and
3. Enforcing legal consequences of violation to the Bank’s policies and commitment

We hope that all of the Bank’s employees, customers, and partners can work together to build a strong ANTI-FRAUD CULTURE within PT Bank JTrust Indonesia,Tbk and establish a clean environment from any fraud-related violations.

Jakarta, 20 December 2021