Vision, Mission and Corporate Values


  1. Super Integrity

    Integrity is a concept related with consistency in actions, values, methods, measurements, principles, expectations, and outputs. People with integrity mean they have honest personality and strong character.
  2. Customer First

    Every thought, word, and action made to reach out to more customers and always satisfy loyal customers.
  3. Be Discipline & Responsible

    The readiness of someone that comes from self-awareness to comply with the applicable rules in the organization and the behavior that reflects responsibilities.
  4. Learning & Trying More

    Learning means to adopt habits, create value ideas, produce/deliver the values, and recharge.
Dear customers of PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk.  Be careful of fraud via telephone/Whatsapp application/advertising on social media on behalf of PT Bank JTrust Indonesia Tbk. or J Trust Bank, as well as offering J Trust Bank products, which in turn are subject to a monthly subscription fee and request a one time password (OTP) code or customer personal identification number (PIN). Beware, beware of fake links! Do not access links/links with requests to fill in customer's personal data, ask for OTP and PIN codes.