1. MoneyGram

Moneygram is a money transfer services for inbound and outbound transfer for individuals (Customer/non Customer). This facility enables transfer across countries without owning an account on destined country. Funds transferred using MoneyGram is received and collected in local currency on recipient country.

Benefit :

  • Money that is transferred using MoneyGram is available within minutes in any agents after has been inputted by Moneygram agent.
  • Money transferred can be collected at any MoneyGram agent anywhere in the world by using PIN.
  • Recipients will receive full amount of money transferred because transfer fee is paid by sender in advance.
  • MoneyGram Money Transfer serves transfer services to ± 104,000 MoneyGram agent in 190 countries.

2. Telegraphic Transfer (TT)

  • Money transfer facility to foreign currency to recipient bank account in foreign countries, and Received transfer in foreign currency from foreign countries bank to J Trust Bank customer account. Currencies served in 8 currencies USD, AUD, HKD, EUR, SGD, JPY, GBP, NZD, CHY. Service available for Individuals (Customer and non-customer) and Corporate.
  • Money transfer for sending and receiving facility of foreign currency to local inter-bank account especially USD. Service available for Individuals (Customer and non-customer) and Corporate.

3. FIREcash

Money transfer facility that utilizes Rupiah currency (Outgoing) with recipient to Bank Central Asia customer account. Maximum of transfer is Rp. 500 Million/transaction and can be done repeatedly without limit. Using internet based application for real time acceptance. Service available for Individuals (Customer and non-customer) and Corporate.

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